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Strong Point Financial Inc. combines our knowledge of insurance options and investment products with your specific needs. This way we can assure to provide you with the service you deserve. "Protecting What You Can’t Afford To Lose" is what planning is all about. Whether it's Life, Health, Investments or a combination of assets, we specialize in creating just the right custom blend of products personalized to your needs.






Our Advisors :

  • 1. Take the time to understand your needs and priorities.

  • 2. Help educate you on types of options best suited to you.

  • 3. Shop a multitude of companies to find the best fit.

  • 4. Narrow the selection to the top two or three options and 

          negotiate pricing and terms on your behalf.

This process takes time and effort to complete, but our clients are worth the effort! With hundreds of companies to pick from, we can find that perfect fit. Finding your tailor made package is our goal, regardless of your history. We’ll find the  plan that is the right solution for you. 

We've got you covered.